Recovery from Exercise

At Zone Recovery, we comprehend that the volume, intensity, and duration of your workout have distinct effects on your body. Following a lighter session, your muscles might rejuvenate within 24 hours, whereas more demanding workouts could necessitate two to three days or even longer. Your individual body type, fitness objectives, and present fitness level all play a role in determining the most effective recovery approach for you. These recommendations from Zone Recovery aim to optimize muscle recovery, but it’s crucial to recognize that recovery is a unique journey—view them as beneficial suggestions rather than strict directives.

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We have the best combination of specialist recovery tools in the UK. -We cater to every sport and prioritise all round health and wellbeing. -Reasonably priced with lots of package and membership options. -centrally located, Open every day, free parking!

What is cryotherapy?

Cryotherapy, also referred to as cold therapy, involves utilizing low temperatures in medical and cosmetic treatments. This swift and healthful procedure enhances the body’s natural recovery processes, promoting overall well-being and invigorating the body. Cryotherapy is a dry and non-invasive method that reduces an individual’s skin temperature during a session lasting up to 180 seconds. The advantageous effects of cryotherapy manifest when the temperature reaches -110ºC or colder, a service we proudly offer at Zone Recovery.

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